Urban Bodyworks | New Site Coming Soon
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New Site Coming Soon

While we finish up our new website, check out what
our clients think of training with us!

“What are Shaun and Casey like to work with?”

“What brings you back to Urban Bodyworks?”

“Why train with Shaun and Casey?”

About Us

Urban Bodyworks is a personal training studio in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. We guide our clients to better health using the safest, most effective and current methodologies available. We help our clients build muscle strength and bone density through a combination of scientifically advanced fitness solutions—Whole Body Vibration technology (The Power Plate), Vertical Training (The FitWall)—and resistance training, free weights, rubberized resistance and body weight exercises. And we can address postural, structural and injury related issues using Active Isolated Stretching methodology and techniques developed by Aaron Mattes, MS, RKT, and LMT. Creativity is at the core of everything we do. Urban Bodyworks offers a truly cerebral approach to health, fitness and wellness, a marriage of science and common sense steeped in over 35 years of professional experience. We don’t design routines; we create results.

What They’ve Said