Urban Bodyworks | About Us
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About Us

Urban Bodyworks is a personal training studio in the heart of Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia.

Ours is an effective approach to health and wellness, a unique combination of science and common sense.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of technologically advanced fitness solutions, including
vibration technology with the Power Plate and vertical training on the FitWall.

We can also address postural, structural and injury related issues.

Contact us to schedule a no-obligation visit to the studio.




“As a woman, and women’s health and wellness specialist, I am passionate about finding organic solutions for women’s lifestyle concerns. I found that my clients had similar shared worries and demands, including: taking care of others, volunteering, work, stress, and financial concerns. They were short changing themselves physically, mentally and nutritionally. This pattern was leading to a health environment filled with stress hormones; causing a cycle of depleted health, both physical and emotional, and unwanted weight gain. I wanted to help my clients learn to create a better wellness balance in their lives, and empower them to find ways to have more control over their health and the quality of their lives.

The challenge was to make this easy for women who were already on overload. Women tend to prioritize other peoples’ needs before their own; so I needed to find the right formula to support their busy lives, meet their essential, nutritional needs and create positive change. My background in Psychology and nutritional coaching, combined with 15 years of working as a personal trainer, led me to found Wellness with Science as a simplified way to help individuals bring improved wellness and prosperity into all aspects of their lives.”



Certified Personal Trainer – American Council on Exercise
Older Adult Fitness – American Institute Of Fitness Educators
Beginner Mat Certification – Power Pilates
Active Isolated Stretching – Aaron Mattes

“After 30 years in the fitness industry, I was frustrated with a pattern I saw emerging with my clients. Individuals were exercising regularly, pushing themselves physically, and experiencing improved physical markers; however, they were not always achieving the physical changes in their appearance and improved wellness benefits they desired.

I knew environmental factors and external stressors play a big role in individual fitness outcomes. My mission became to find a way to help people improve their physical health in a meaningful way — not just increasing muscle strength, but creating a long term strengthened health profile. I was on a quest to find the right formula and products to support wellness, maintain vitality and mitigate health concerns.”



Certified Personal Trainer –  International Sports Sciences Association
Older Adult Fitness – The American Institute Of Fitness Educators
Beginner Mat Certification – Power Pilates
Active Isolated Stretching  – Aaron Mattes
Specialties –  in working with healthcare professionals to provide rehabilitation therapy and sport-specific training.